Stolcad® Professional is a professional program for producing, designing and selling of windows and doors

Comprehensive program for windows and doors

Design, production and sale of windows and doors
Stolcad® Professional is an innovative program created on the basis of the comprehensive knowledge of the producer supported by long-term experience and a deep knowledge of the joinery industry. Thanks to cooperation with numerous enterpreneurs, carefully explored secretsare well applied in practice. The result is a software system that combines functionality with surprising simplicity and great ease of use.
Stolcad® Professional opens a wide range of possibilities at all stages of management of the company – starting from the reception of orders, through a complex manufacturing process, to comprehensive transport planning and delivery of final products to customers. Stolcad® Professional supports all window manufacturing technologies: PVC, aluminium and wood. The software can be adapted to the needs of every joinery company regardless of its technology.
Huge versatility
PVC wood and aluminum technologies

Technological versality

Designing windows and doors

Designing any shapes

Comprehensive offering

Comprehensive pricing and quoting

The best profile optimization

Best optimization

Automatic selection of elements

Automated selection of elements

If you would like to see Stolcad® Professional at work, please contact our Customer Service.

Available modules

The additional modules which expand the functionality of Stolcad® Professional

Stolcad® Professional has a modular structure, so it can be supplemented with additional modules. The choice of the modules depends only on the needs and the preferences of a user. Selected products can be ordered by calling our office for further information.

Management of a sales network

Other commercial software integrated with Stolcad® Professional

Stolcad® Business

Proper organization of the commercial sector is a priority. Consider Stolcad® Business to manage your extensive sales network

Program for managing network of sellers of windows and doors

It is innovative program for flexible management of a sales network. It works closely with Stolcad® Professional production program and trade software solutions: Dealer Professional programs, Stolcad® Webshop platform and Stolcad® Mobile apps. It allows for designing and calculating the cost of constructions; but primarily it is an intermediate software in the communication between the manufacturer and the salesforce.

The program is perfectly suited for the needs of companies with a large sales network which is regionally divided. Stolcad® Business lets you carry out the initial verification of orders from your sales agents. The orders which are accepted get clearance for production.

Program for sales agents of windows and doors


Stolcad® allows for comprehensive automation of the production processes

We prepare drivers for:
  • Saws (PVC, aluminum, wood, steel)
  • Moulders
  • Cutting centres
  • Machining centres (PCV, aluminum, wood)
  • CNC spindle centres
  • Welding machines
  • Ferrule machines
  • Glass sorters
  • Milling and tenoring machines
We cooperate with: