Dowel Bars Module

Dowel bars module in Stolcad

Calculation of the amount of dowels and holes for roller shutter rails at the design stage

Efficient assembly at the customer's house

Correctly calculated hole spacing needed for preparing data for machining centre

Dowels and holes for roller shutter rails included on offers and production printouts

Colour distinction of the diameter of dowels

Use:Dowels are the elements that fix frames in the door or window openings. The module allows you to take into account the dimension and to sum the dowels already at the design stage. This significantly improves the subsequent installation of the construction at the customer's premises, which has a positive impact on the image of the company. The data of the dimensioned holes can be sent to the machining centre and the dowels themselves can be included in the offers and the production printouts.The module is also used to determine the data of holes for roller shutter rails. With this solution, it is possible to fully prepare a frame profile, ready for final installation at the customer's site. It additionally has positive impact on the time of the order completion.How it works:The module allows you to calculate holes for dowels and roller shutter rails. The user can decide on their distribution as well as specify a key distance to the first hole from the edge of the frame. Depending on the construction type and the given requirements, it is possible to take into account a post in the calculations. The software also allows you to select a diameter of the inserted dowels. The values will be distinguished on the design with the separate colours.How to use it:1) Possibility of inclusion of a post at the design stage of a window with dowels:Dowel bars in two-sash window2) Designing a one-sash window containing dowels and holes for roller shutter rails:Dowel bars in one-sash window