Stolcad Mobile

Stolcad® Mobile is not just a modern app dedicated to users of mobile devices working on the popular Android system. It is a portable office tool which you can always have wherever you go or need it: in a business meeting, on a construction site, in the customer's house, etc. It is a huge convenience and an incredible time saver. Please note that it is necessary to have Stolcad® Professional to use the app. With Stolcad® Mobile you will benefit in many areas:

  • Design windows anywhere you are! − directly on a construction site even without the need to access the Internet;
  • Data security – a manufacturer of windows who uses the app becomes its one and only administrator and can decide who will have access to the technology;
  • Administration panel that allows you to manage the mobile applications that come with Stolcad® Professional;
  • Intuitive interface and built-in help screens make the app extremely easy to use without the need for any additional training!
  • Monitoring of the current status of the order;
  • Facilitated contact with the client with the use of simple email configurators;
  • And many more.

Mobile valuation of windows and doors

Stolcad® Mobile is not just a functional gadget that will help you to create offers, send them to customers and track their progress. It is also a perfect example of a modern look at the computer software for order management.

In order to learn more information about the product, please contact our Customer Service.