Comprehensive program for producers of roller shutters

Design, production and sale of roller shutters

Roller shutters are appreciated due to a large number of useful features they offer, i.e. they protect from noise, excessive sunlight and constitute a barrier for a burglar. Stolcad® Professional allows you to design, make quotations and produce external roller shutters − both stand-alone constructions and ones integrated with windows.

Program for manufacturers of roller shutters

Attractive way of displaying roller shutters on offer

Creating complete technical documentation for roller shutters

Dynamic design of roller shutters with the use of automatic selection of elements

Comprehensive control of machines for the production of roller shutters

Stolcad® Professional is an all-in-one solution for designing, evaluating, quoting and manufacturing roller shutters. Due to its wide range of functionalities, it can be adjusted for every stage of the production of roller shutters. Stolcad® Professional offers many useful IT solutions. The use of a single program, whose components complement each other, is the key to the success of a production company.

Designing roller shutters

In Stolcad® Professional designing roller shutters is fast and easy. The user gets a preview of all the elements used e.g. size of the roller shutters, the technology used and the necessary parameters, the colours of all individual elements, mosquito nets, etc. The selection of particular elements is automated (e.g. the quantity and thickness of the lamella, the size of the box), which additionally accelerates the design process.
In addition, the entire design process takes place on just a single screen. It is possible with the innovative validation option allowing the automatic adjusting of the possible parameters to choose from in accordance with the previously selected criteria. With this feature the appropriate elements are automatically prompted to the users.

Comprehensive pricing and quoting

Stolcad® Professional has an extensive built-in estimation mechanism for roller shutters. In addition to setting prices for individual elements of roller shutters or ready-made templates, the software lets you use dedicate criteria for extra payments. Moreover, the offer templates can be fully customized to the individual needs of your company.
Projekt rolety w Stolcad Professional
Additional possibilities of personalizing
the appearance of the offer templates

Producing roller shutters and the technology behind it

In Stolcad® Professional, you can quickly design roller shutters, and more importantly, gain the certainty of the technological correctness of the drawn constructions. Moreover, with the use of a built-in warehouse of the waste, it is possible to conveniently manage the residual material. Controlling the amount of waste allows optimizing the production process and save raw materials.
Stolcad® Professional allows you to work on technologies from various system providers. Its users can independently set and edit the technologies (which are in use in their company). The program database is open, therefore, manufacturers of roller shutters can quickly adjust its settings to the changes in their industry and freely diversify their offer.

Additional module for window and door manufacturers

Drawing roller shutters and windows on a single project

Roller shutter designed in Stolcad Professional

Dividing roller shutters and windows into separate production lines

Those window and door manufacturers who also make roller shutters can extend Stolcad® Professional with an additional module. In this way they can flexibly manage the production of windows, doors and roller shutters from within one program. The module includes all the functionalities described above, and additionally allows them to design roller shutters integrated with windows (presented together on offers).
With the use of Stolcad® Professional you can prepare full proposals in which roller shutters are integrated with windows and are presented on offers as a whole. Of course, when such structures are sent to production, the program automatically recognizes them as two separate projects, which allows employees to work quickly and efficiently on shop floor.

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