Piece Work Pay Module

Piecework accounting in Stolcad Professional

Fair calculation of wages of production workers

Increase of involvement of employees in the performed tasks

Stolcad® Professional can help you to increase the number of the produced constructions without expanding workforce or purchasing any additional machines. The Piece Work Pay Module allows you to fairly calculate wages of your employees and also impacts on the growth of their motivation and commitment to work.Piece Work Pay Module helps you to establish a dynamic and motivated team of employees. The production workers only need to scan barcodes on their identifiers in order to sign to their personal accounts. A calculation of salaries is always fair because the program allows you to verify the implementation of the assumed production items in relation to every person. In addition, the awareness of an employee that their salary depends on the number of finished elements is the best motivation to work even more effectively.Scanning consecutive barcodes on production labels, allows you to control individual workstations in terms of excessive or an unsatisfactory workloads. With this information, the module records how many tasks exactly have been performed by each person.Fair employee settlement