Modern software for manufacturers of windows, doors and roller shutters
Stolcad® Professional

Innovative software for calculation, production and sale of windows, doors and roller shutters

Comprehensive program for producers of windows, doors and roller shutters

Comprehensive software for the production and valuation of windows, doors and roller shutters. It has a revolutionary production optimization engine and innovative features for designing joinery constructions in any shape.

It is a perfect solution for companies working in PVC, wood and aluminium technologies. The program can be fully customized for your unique pricing policy. Stolcad® Professional provides an estimated completion date in a window manufacturing project. It works with most modern manufacturing machines and plans the transportation of your products to your customers. It is all-in-one software package to manage your company.

Program for drawing of windows

We offer comprehensive services

List of needsPreimplementation analysis
Comprehensive installation serviceComprehensive installation service
Training in Sadowski SoftwareTraining offered both at our main office or on-site
Update packagesSoftware update packages for Stolcad® Professional
Technical supportRemote technical support
PVC profileCreating technological systems (PVC, wood, aluminium)
Barcode on labelPreparation of production- and the finished product labels in accordance with a client's design

Other programs on offer
If the possibilities of Stolcad® Professional are too extensive for your needs, take a look at other solutions we provide.
Classic program for calculation of windows and doors

Software for designing, pricing, making offers and completely preparing window production using PVC, wood and aluminum technologies.

Stolcad® is an integrated software solution, for every stage of order realization. It provides comprehensive and automated production management in the market-leading shapes (standard arched windows, triangles, trapezoids and other polygonal structures). Stolcad® works with the Dealer programs, operates production machinery and its functionality can be extended with additional modules.

Basic program for designing standard windows

Production software tailored for small companies in the windows and door industry.

Stolcad® Light allows for designing, pricing and making offers for the production of rectangular windows. The product is aimed at small window manufacturing companies and therefore does not have the opportunity to interact with the Dealer programs. The program cannot be extended with additional modules or control manufacturing machines.