Multilingual Module

Multilingual Module in Stolcad
In the global market, the manufacturing companies are required not only to provide high-quality products but also to effectively communicate with customers and partners worldwide. The Multilingual Module is designed to meet these challenges, offering advanced tools for creating and managing commercial proposals as well as technical documentation in multiple languages.
Visualisation of Multilingual Module

Functionality tailored to the international needs

The module enables the creation of documents in various languages including adjusting currencies and VAT rates according to the laws of the respective country. This facilitates the execution of international transactions and minimizes the risk of errors.
Automatic recalculations of prices in documents according to the current exchange rate and local VAT rates are not only convenient but also ensure transparency and professionalism in the eyes of foreign partners.

Intelligent currency management for precise quoting

This solution includes convenient adjustment of prices in offers to current exchange rates. Upon printing the offer after each currency rate change, the program intelligently asks whether the user wants to keep the original prices or convert them to the new rate. This ensures that each offer is precisely tailored to the current financial conditions, which is crucial for international transactions.

Automation and personalization in communication with customers

To further streamline business processes, the module allows assigning a default language to the profile of each regular recipient. This means that when creating a new offer for a specific customer, the software automatically applies the designated language, ensuring consistency and personalization of communication.
Such functionality significantly speeds up the process of offer creation and enhances customer satisfaction, as they receive documentation specially prepared for them in their native language. Personalization leads to more effective and personal communication, which in turn can improve relations with customers and increase their satisfaction.

Convenient translation with the Foreign Markets program

The Foreign Markets program, an integral part of the module, enables an easy and quick translation of technological data, industry terms, and other specific elements of the documentation. Additionally, the program automates the translation process of repetitive technical texts. Users have the option to enter translations once, which are then stored and can be reused multiple times, significantly reducing the time spent on subsequent projects. With this tool, even those unfamiliar with the target language can prepare professional documents in various language versions.

Comprehensive management of the international documentation

The Multilingual Module is not just a tool for creating multilingual commercial offers – it is a comprehensive IT solution supporting a wide range of technical documentation. Working with Declaration Of Performance Module, Energy Passport Module, Finished Product Label Module and Production Label Module it allows printing all these documents in the language of the target customer.
Regardless of whether it involves creating a price offer in the German language, product documentation in the Spanish language, or a technological presentation in the Swedish language, everything is generated with ease, expanding business opportunities across various international markets.

Ease of use and efficiency

The user-friendly interface of the module allows for easy switching between languages and currencies, enabling quick and efficient work. This flexibility is invaluable in everyday operations, allowing for quick adaptation to the needs of international customers and partners.
Additionally, the module offers numerous configuration and customization options, which allow for tailoring the tool to the specific requirements of each project, ensuring the flexibility needed to effectively adapt to changing market conditions and unique user preferences.

The key role of the Multilingual Module in working with Stolcad® Webshop or Dealer Professional on the international markets

The Multilingual Module gains some additional significance when it comes to integration with the Stolcad® Webshop platform or Dealer Professional programs, used by business partners in different countries. This tool allows for the automatic translation and adjustment of product data to the languages of foreign-speaking partners. Thus, when international partners using Dealer Professional or Stolcad® Webshop prepare offers in their native language and obtain their approval, upon placing orders with the manufacturer, the Multilingual Module immediately translates these data into the basic language used in Stolcad® Professional.
This flow of information guarantees that all technological data related to the products are understandable and accurate both for business partners and the production line. This not only allows for faster and more efficient processing of orders but also minimizes the risk of misunderstandings due to language differences. Utilizing the advantages of the Multilingual Module, companies can not only communicate more easily with partners worldwide but also automatically and efficiently process their orders, significantly speeding up the entire production process and increasing customer satisfaction. Hence, the integration of these tools creates a coherent, effective, and highly functional trading platform that meets the demands of the international market.
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