Dealer Professional Online Communication Module

  • Dealer Professional Online Communication Module
Online communication module in Stolcad

Fast and smooth data flow between Stolcad® Professional and Dealer Professional

An up-to-date technological database in all your locations and branches

Assigning different access rights to every sales agent

Interactive communication between the manufacturer and its sales representatives is key for effective organization of sales. Stolcad® Professional is a tool that lets you keep in touch with your sales force and sales agents. No need for visits or direct communication.With Stolcad® Professional the service that you provide can be of even higher quality due to its system of communication and data exchange that connects a manufacturer and the sales points. Those sales points which use Dealer Professional software can communicate this way, and the wait for a reply is reduced to a necessary minimum. Your orders can be processed a lot faster!Stolcad® Professional enables to prepare individual permissions to each sales associate. This creates new possibilities such as distinguishing prices on a geographical basis, on currency fluctuations and the location of a point of sale. Sales agents can use databases and create quotations in their native language without the need for any additional translations or currency conversion.Visualisation of effective organization of sales processes