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Who is Stolcad® Business for?One program. Two different configurations
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Stolcad® Business for independent traders

Stolcad® Business is an ideal solution for those independent traders who cooperate with many joinery producers, and would like to prepare comprehensive offers which include all products at once.
Stolcad® Business allows you to configure your databases in a way that makes it easy to quote. As a result, the program gives its users independence and high comfort of work.
What benefits does Stolcad® Business offer?
Extensive sales network

Cooperation with multiple manufacturers with the use of one program

Designing windows and doors

Possibility to design windows in any shapes

Comprehensive making offers

Comprehensive pricing and quoting

Self-setting the technologies

Possibility of self-setting the technologies

Quick modification of prices

Fast price modification, using discounts and mark-ups

And many other benefits!
After setting the data correctly, Stolcad® Business will include all the technological systems which you need in your daily work. This feature of the program allows adding products from different manufacturers to one offer.Stolcad® Business has many options which make the work of traders much easier. It allows for recalculation of orders from one technological system to another. With Stolcad® Business making several variants of offers – differing in price or the technology used − is easy and fast.
An important aspect of effective sales of products is a professionally looking offer with products such as windows, doors, roller blinds or accessories. In addition, the offer printouts can be customized to your individual needs.Except for the modern-looking offer printouts, Stolcad® Business lets you print presentations illustrating the technological systems. With this feature, you can easily show your customers the individual characteristics of your technologies.

Stolcad® Business for manufacturers and their sales agents

Effective organization of the commercial sector is facilitated with the use of reliable IT solutions. Stolcad® Business is an innovative program that allows you to manage even an extensive network of sales points. It is an intermediate program, and excellent tool for administering sales processes and exchanging data efficiently. The secret of appropriate organization of sales lies in a well-synchronized communication channel between a manufacturer and the sales agents. Joinery producers gain the opportunity to widely expand their sales network at no additional order processing tasks − by equipping their regional partners with Stolcad® Business.
Organization of big commercial network

Stolcad® Business – verificarea initiala a comenzilor

Stolcad® Business comunică direct cu Stolcad® Professional. Această caracteristică permite o planificare eficientă a proceselor de vânzare și producție. Stolcad® Business permite verificarea corectitudinii tehnologice a comenzilor primite de la dealeri. Din momentul in care comanda este acceptată, aceasta este transmisă direct producătorului. Daca insa aceasta nu îndeplinește cerințele, comerciantul o trimite înapoi dealerului cu un comentariu despre necesitatea efectuării unor corecții.
Circulația eficientă a comenzilor între personalul de vânzări și producător scurtează așteptarea lansării în producție a acestora. Stolcad® Professional are o caracteristică ce face posibilă configurarea setărilor ofertei și permite o comunicare rapidă și flexibilă pe întregul canal de distribuție. Fiecare stare a documentului are un nume și o descriere personalizată, care informează despre stadiul curent al comenzii. În plus,fiecare stadiu are un cod de culoare, ceea ce permite evaluarea rapidă a progresului curent al lucrărilor.
The process diagram of the order flow

Available modules

Stolcad® Business - module suplimentare

Stolcad® Business are o structură modulară, astfel încât poate fi extins cu module suplimentare. Alegerea modulelor depinde doar de nevoile și preferințele utilizatorului.


Stolcad® Business - serviciile noastre

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