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Declaration of Performance in Stolcad
The key duty of every manufacturer is ensuring that construction products comply with European safety and quality standards. Declaration Of Performance is an official document, which serves as proof that the product meets the highest EU standards. In this context, the Declaration Of Performance Module for Stolcad® brand programs is an indispensable tool that streamlines and automates the process of creating these important documents.
The module enables efficient management of product documentation, directly increasing customer trust and satisfaction. This tool not only allows manufacturers to meet formal legal requirements but also provides a solid foundation for building a strong market position and competitive advantage. Automating processes related to generating declaration Of performance documents guarantees accuracy and precision, which is crucial in the dynamically changing construction branch.

Compliance with EU standards and efficiency thanks to Declaration Of Performance Module in Stolcad® programs

  • Full compliance with regulations: The module ensures that all products are properly documented in accordance with regulatory requirements, compliance with which is mandatory for trading on the European market.
  • Process automation: The module enables automatic generation of the declaration of performance documents directly from Stolcad® Professional or Stolcad® 12.4 programs, eliminating the need for manual preparation of documentation and increasing operational efficiency.
  • High standard of document development: The module allows for the creation of complete and aesthetically executed documents thanks to advanced editing options. Careful preparation of the declaration emphasizes the quality standards represented by your company.
  • Customization of the template of declarations: The module allows the declaration to be customized to your brand's image. Broad personalization options not only meet legal requirements but also reflect the professionalism of the company, enhancing the brand's attractiveness in the eyes of customers.
The Declaration Of Performance Module is the key to professionalism and compliance with regulations. If you are interested in using it in your business or have additional questions, we encourage you to fill in the contact form. We would be happy to discuss how we can support your business.
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