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This document confirms a product's compliance with a harmonised standard and/or is compliant with the European Technical Assessment. The product characteristics declared by the manufacturer must include water tightness, hazardous substances, wind-load resistance, resistance to impact, load bearing capacity of protective devices, the solar factor, acoustic characteristics, thermal permeability and air permeability.

The comfort of working with Stolcad® Professional is enhanced by its intelligent components, which automatically collect all the necessary specifications data and insert them into the right spots in the document. Such automatically generated documents can, for example, be posted to a company's website. It is a solution widely recognized within the EU and allows customers to access the required documents in a hassle-free way.Stolcad® Professional lets you generate documents for the language of any country your products are exported to. The software fills in all the necessary blanks on the declaration form according to some pre-defined parameters. Your job is simply to assign the target language of the declaration for a specific order.