Production Warehouse Module

Production warehouse in Stolcad Professional
Our warehouse software was created with the purpose of meeting the needs of manufacturers of windows, doors and roller shutters in mind, which is why it implements them so well. It bases its operation on a Stolcad® Professional database. Due to this fact, a joinery manufacturer can be sure that the data in both programs are identical. Such a functionality is also a guarantee of smooth exchange of all necessary information.

Windows – doors – roller shutters

Stolcad® Production Warehouse allows you to monitor the stock of materials both for the production of windows and doors, as well as for the production of roller shutters. With this tool, the user can comprehensively manage all the necessary materials for production from within one program.
Materials for windows, doors and roller shutters

Warehouse documentation

Warehouse documents
Stolcad® Professional with Production Warehouse Module allows you to prepare all necessary types of warehouse documentation, such as: a goods received note (GRN), a goods dispatched note (GDN), goods issued note (GIN), an internal goods received note, an internal goods returns note and an internal goods transfer note. This allows you to smoothly organize your inventory and the work of individual employees who deal with receiving or dispatching of materials.

Any number of virtual warehouses

The user can configure the module individually in accordance with their own needs. This also includes an ability to create any number of virtual warehouses. With this feature a joinery manufacturer can configure the warehouse program in such a way that the inventory records the production of windows, doors or roller shutters in the easiest way possible.
Unlimited number of warehouses

Efficient inventory

Efficient inventory
Systematic inventories are important as they allow you to avoid discrepancies between the actual and recorded availability of materials. The warehouse module gives users quick access to stock levels, which allows the company to efficiently carry out the entire inventory process.

Continuity of production

Due to the fact that Stolcad® Professional and our Production Warehouse Module operate on a common database, the exchange of information in the company is flexible. Employees can easily control the current consumption of materials or report a need for missing raw materials. This kind of cooperation between programs directly positively affects the continuity of production processes.
Continuous production

Dedicated to our industry

Window and roller shutter profile warehouse
Our Production Warehouse Module has been created with the purpose of meeting the needs of manufacturers of windows, doors and roller shutters in mind. Due to this fact, the module has an advantage compared over other ERP systems, which do not always have their functionalities fully adapted to the specifics of our industry. This has a positive effect on the time of implementation of the warehouse solution.