Production Labels Module

Production labels in Stolcad

Paperless manufacturing

Quick and accurate identification of profiles

All information located in one place

Bar-coded production labels allow you to limit the number of printouts and introduce a paperless manufacturing environment. Stolcad® Professional lets you do that while, at the same time, optimizing the manufacturing process.Production labels help identify each profile both on the production floor as well as in the waste storage. These labels can be printed in the office or immediately at the saw.
  • The labels printed within the work area are generated immediately upon cutting a profile.
  • If printed in the office, labels are sequenced according to the defined production schedule.
A wide array of parameters that can be configured while printing allows you to adjust the labels to the needs of every user. The element marked in the picture shows the location of the profile in the window structure.Additionally, the software lets you cut costs. All the necessary data is now on the label so there is no need for extra printing. This, in turn, lets you implement a paperless manufacturing environment, which is both economical and ecological.
Production labels for window profilesSome types of information that can be displayed on labels:
  • Order number, item number, recipient(s)
  • Profile code, colour code, cut length
  • The location of a profile in a window construction
  • Drawings indicating the profile within the structure
  • The type, length and depth of a strengthening cut
  • Glazing type, fitting type, glass gasket type, sealing type
  • Additional production remarks
  • Dowel bar types, window vent types
  • To name but a few....!