Comprehensive program for windows and doors

Stolcad® Professional is a comprehensive program for producing windows and doors

Stolcad® Professional is an innovative program created on the basis of the comprehensive knowledge of the producer supported by long-term experience and a deep knowledge of the joinery industry. Thanks to cooperation with numerous enterpreneurs, carefully explored secretsare well applied in practice. The result is a software system that combines functionality with surprising simplicity and great ease of use.
Stolcad® Professional opens a wide range of possibilities at all stages of management of the company – starting from the reception of orders, through a complex manufacturing process, to comprehensive transport planning and delivery of final products to customers. Stolcad® Professional supports all window manufacturing technologies: PVC, aluminium and wood. The software can be adapted to the needs of every joinery company regardless of its technology.

Versatile and user-friendly software for windows and doors

PVC wood and aluminum technologies

Technological versality

Designing windows and doors

Designing any shapes

Comprehensive offering

Comprehensive pricing and quoting

The best profile optimization

Best optimization

Automatic selection of elements

Automated selection of elements

Windows and doors in PVC, wood and aluminium technologies

Stolcad® Professional allows you to have many different technological systems within one program. This means that users working on a single piece of software can create constructions made of PVC, wood, aluminium or wood with aluminium covers. Windows and doors designed in different technologies can be combined on a single offer printout. If needed, Stolcad® Professional additionally facilitates conversion of windows from one technology to another. It allows for quick preparation of quotations in various technological variants.
Stolcad® Professional allows you to design windows in the English, Dutch or Scandinavian systems, casement windows, balcony sets on one frame, etc. It is extremely easy to create not only standard constructions but also ones with fancy shapes. In addition, Stolcad® Professional has the so-called "sash in the sash" feature, which allows you to work on layers and create e.g. doors for pharmacies. An important advantage of the program is the open database. You can add new technologies on your own or modify them, as needed.

Flexible designing of windows and doors

In Stolcad® Professional you can design windows and doors with the use of several options. For this purpose we have implemented many predefined shapes and the possibility of drawing with the use of the so-called leading points, which are the most flexible way. You can break or bend the indicated edges of constructions in any place, which allows you to draw windows and doors in a variety of artistic shapes.
Stolcad® Professional allows you to customize the interface for designing for your personal preferences. In the software, you can change the display options for selected descriptions, coordinate axes, or the way the structure is displayed (photo effect). In order to speed up your daily work, the created projects can be saved as project files and schemas. The main difference between schemas and project files is that the former allow you to configure additional data for window and door designs e.g. include maximum dimensions, price lists or others.
Examples of projects in Stolcad Professional

Production of windows and doors

Stolcad® Professional allows users to generate full technical documentation needed for production of windows and doors. The information contained in the production documents is obtained on the basis of the technology set and the designed constructions. Users can be sure that the values presented in the documentation are correct.
The generated production documents can be printed and handed over to specific employees. It is worth emphasizing that the printouts can have a different scope of data. From standard lists of cuts, to lists of elements with a cost estimation, to lists of profile optimizations with cuts. Each employee can receive information that is only relevant to their workstation. In addition, Stolcad® Professional allows for generating orders for profiles, fittings or glass.

Valuating of windows and doors in the program

Stolcad® Professional has three different methods of built-in cost estimation, based on: the raw material, a price list and quarters. Therefore, users can easily adjust the program possibilities to their personal preferences. Stolcad® Professional has many additional fields for quick price editing used for assigning mark-ups, discounts and surcharges. All these possibilities guarantee producers of windows and doors full adjustment of cost estimation to their current pricing policy.
After the cost estimation is completed for a given project, the user can efficiently proceed to the preparation of a quotation for the customer. The information scope presented on the offer printouts depends on how it is configured. Stolcad® Professional allows e.g. to set a graphic header, enable colour drawings, highlight selected information with bold font, hide the discount rate in the window price and many more.

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Paperless production

Stolcad® Professional is a comprehensive program for production of windows and doors, hence it enables production management with the use of the so-called paperless method. This means that the production manager does not have to hand over any printed technical documentation to their team. It is sufficient to use production labels with barcodes. After scanning a given label, every employee will see on a screen only the elements that they need to work with at their workstation.
In addition, a production manager can monitor the progress of work on the shopfloor remotely. All information displayed in the program is gathered real time. In addition to tracking of the window production process, the manager can also control the efficiency of each employee individually. The mentioned solutions foster increased commitment to the performed tasks and enable fair calculation of remuneration for all production workers.

Organization of logistic processes

Logistics in a company producing windows and doors must run efficiently. To facilitate logistic organization, Stolcad® Professional can be equipped with a set of dedicated modules. Their job is to help plan the production process, monitor the load on the production lines, and estimate the time of the shipment of finished products to customers taking into account destinations with the already established routes.
Stolcad® Professional with its dedicated tools allows for setting individual limits for each production line. When transferring windows to production, the program recognizes the types of constructions taking into account their characteristics and divides them appropriately into specific production lines. When organizing transportation, the user can additionally manage driver and car fleet resources.

Sales of windows in various language variants

Stolcad® Professional prints your offers in the language of your desired foreign target, taking into account the currencies, the price policy and VAT rates. You can easily create window and door quotes for foreign customers. In addition, we can fully customize the look of offer templates for your needs. You can work on both standard printouts as well as customized patterns that meet the visual and technical standards of selected foreign markets or even single selected contractors.
An additional simplification of sales in foreign markets is the use of an online communication module with sales representatives who work on Dealer Professional programs. With automatic data exchange between the production and the trade programs, Stolcad® Professional users can handle orders from foreign sellers, without having to speak their native languages.

Windows and doors compliant with European Union regulations

In order to sell windows and doors on the common European market, products must have appropriate documentation and properties. Stolcad® Professional has functionalities that allow you to calculate the values of basic coefficients, i.e. sound absorption, solar factor and heat transfer coefficient. The program for calculating these values uses standardized formulas.
The calculated coefficients may be included in the documentation required by the legislator. Moreover, on the printouts it is possible to place additional norms which are assigned to the construction. In this way, users of the program can easily generate, for example, a declaration of performance document containing data on a specific window or door.

Monitoring of inventory and costs

An important task in every enterprise is to take care of the appropriate level of inventory while monitoring costs. Stolcad® Professional allows manufacturers of windows and doors to manage materials for production using Production Warehouse Module. With the module you can create a number of virtual warehouses which reflect best the real path of materials and semi-finished products in your company. Our warehouse solution works closely with Stolcad® Professional window and door production program.
An alternative or complementation to this module is the use of ERP software. In order to integrate an external accounting or warehouse program with Stolcad® Professional, a customized interface is needed between the programs. Such an interface is prepared in accordance with your individual needs, as well as aligned with the IT capabilities of your ERP program. Therefore, during the implementation of the interface, three parties need to cooperate with each other: the manufacturer of the joinery, the ERP system supplier and our programmers.

Management of a sales network

Other commercial software integrated with Stolcad® Professional

Solution for sales reps:

Proper organization of the commercial network is a priority. Consider Stolcad® Business to manage your extensive sales network

Program for managing network of sellers of windows and doors

It is innovative program for flexible management of a sales network. It works closely with Stolcad® Professional production program and trade software solutions: Dealer Professional programs, Stolcad® Webshop platform and Stolcad® Mobile apps. It allows for designing and calculating the cost of constructions; but primarily it is an intermediate software in the communication between the manufacturer and the salesforce.

The program is perfectly suited for the needs of companies with a large sales network which is regionally divided. Stolcad® Business lets you carry out the initial verification of orders from your sales agents. The orders which are accepted get clearance for production.

Program for sales agents of windows and doors


Stolcad® allows for comprehensive automation of the production processes

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