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IT tools for independent joinery dealers who cooperate with various manufacturers

Stolcad® Business

Cutting-edge software for calculation and sale of windows, doors and roller shutters

Stolcad Business

Innovative software for flexible management of a sales network. Stolcad® Business ideally suits the needs of companies which sell windows, doors, roller shutters and accessories provided by various manufacturers.

The program makes designing, pricing and offering windows, doors and roller shutters much easier. Stolcad® Business allows for verifying and accepting orders from your own sales representatives who work on Dealer Professional, Stolcad® Webshop or Stolcad® Mobile.

Stolcad Business - unlimited sales range
Selected features of the programs
+Designing windows in any shape+Fast modification of prices by adding mark-ups or offering discounts+The offer template can be accurately adjusted to your needs+Possibility of self-setting the technologies+Management of your own sales network+Creating databases of suppliers and recipients+Full configuration of order statuses+Additional modules are available, e.g. multilingual, invoices+A modern interface
+Designing windows in standard shapes+Fast modification of prices by adding mark-ups and discounts+Possibility of some modifications to the graphic design of the offers+Possibility of self-setting the technologies