Stolcad Light

Dear owners of small plants who produce window joinery. Are you looking for a new and time-saving solution? Stolcad® Light is the answer for all the needs of your company that produces rectangular windows.The easy-to-use Assistant Tool guides you through every stage of the realization of your order. From the designing of windows, through the making of offers and pricing, till the preparation for production. Stolcad® Light ensures maximum quality with minimal material usage.1. Design optionsCreating a new drawing of a window should not involve hours spent with pen and paper. Instead, window's designed in Stolcad® Light only require the selection of subsequent elements. Thus, in only a few moments, you can create a precisely measured design for construction, which will then be the basis for further production processes.The program allows you to quickly change the colour of the profiles and the dimensions of the drawing. Similarly, it is possible to modify the other options of the designs. This instantly enables you to apply all necessary adjustments and customer suggestions.2. Defining technologyWith Stolcad® Light you can create a complete database of technical specifications, which is strictly adjusted to your needs. You will receive a tool to insert all the elements that are used in your company, including your own list of commercial goods. This will streamline all stages of work at your company.Due to the fact that you can insert several technologies, Stolcad® Light gives you an opportunity to quickly provide customers price offers in the all the used profile systems. This maintains a clear picture of the price situation and at the same time presents your companies image in a professional company that offer a wide range of technological solutions.The program also allows you to freely transfer technological data (including sets of fittings) from other compatible programs: Stolcad® or Stolcad® Light. This is especially useful if you have several workplaces because it ensures the compliance of the initially inserted data.3. Saving windows to the schemaBy using Stolcad® Light, your daily work will be facilitated. Windows once created in the program, can be saved to schemas and then repeatedly used in new projects. This allows you to immediately present offers to customers and visually show them previously verified solutions.4. PricingHow is it possible to know the real cost of production? Simply measure it using the material method that sums up the prices of all the used elements. Later, add your own profit to the result. Profit can be calculated by using one of the 5 groups of markups that are dependent on the served client. You can also give a discount, which will appear on the offer making your customers more satisfied. When providing other services, you can include these in the pricing for the cost to replace windows and doors, i.e. mantling, dismantling and the final dressing charges.5. Making offersAfter the client's approval, the product’s price is placed on the offer, which can then be printed and presented to the buyer. Stolcad® Light allows you to generate offers automatically and enrich them with additional graphical elements. Therefore, in addition to the realistically shown drawings of the windows, a company logo with contact details can be included into the offer. These graphical offers will help clients remember your company's image.Each generated offer is an individual document, which contains information describing the product. In Stolcad® Light, for your convenience, you can enter a list of texts that will be then repetitively reused (for example, information about provided guarantees). Those texts can be selected from an easy-to-use drop-down menu.6. Manage of ordersAfter completing your offer in Stolcad® Light, you can close an order and thereby prevent it from being modified. This adds protection against adverse and backward modifications of the order. Additionally, it contributes to a greater clarity of the database of orders. Orders in the closed state are not visible when saving new windows and when viewing the table of orders it is possible to filter out built windows.7. ProductionWith Stolcad® Light production will run more efficiently and economically. On the printed documentation results of the optimization will be included. The program will calculate the needed amount of material and will generate a list of all the elements needed for production.8. Database of usersStolcad® Light allows you to create a flexible database of users with personalized employee accounts. Each person using the program can receive an individual set of permissions, for which access is protected by a password. Thus, full protection is available from unauthorized users making any changes.***To conclude, in this article the basic advantages of Stolcad® Light were described and the many opportunities it opens up for you. Now, you may realise improvements in your daily work will be improved, and how many new customers will be interested in your offers. You may also wonder how much more efficient will be production and how much it will help the quality of your services. Answers are many and one of them the most relevant: Stolcad® Light is a way to save time and material, as well as to contribute a new strategy to increase comfort of daily work.

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