Finished Goods Warehouse Module

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Finished Goods Warehouse Module in Stolcad Professional

Easy management of a finished goods warehouse

Automatic record of finished constructions

Even faster and easier cargo assembly

Monitoring each operation performed on final products, storing dates of acceptance and release from the warehouse

Stolcad® Professional facilitates managing finished products that await transportation to the end customer. Using Stolcad® Professional saves you time and ensures smoth coordination of loading.This tool lets you conveniently manage finished window constructions from the moment they leave the production line and are assigned a 'finished' status. The process is based on the data scanned from barcoded labels. For clear records, a set of documentation accompanies every scanned item.Stolcad® Professional saves you time used for cargo assembly. It neatly displays a variety of information types such as where windows are stored so that they can be located by warehouse employees. After the goods are successfully collected for shipment, they are automatically given an 'out of stock' status within the finished goods warehouse. It serves as additional confirmation of the correctness of a shipping list.Ready window constructions