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Sound absorption module in Stolcad Professional

Fully automated calculation of the sound absorption coefficient

You can place the Rw level on your commercial brochures as well as within declaration of performance documents or finished product labels

Use:Sound absorption coefficient specifies the ability of a construction to absorb sound. It is one of the most basic types of information to be found on Declaration of Performance documents as well as finished product labels. This module lets you calculate sound absorption automatically.How it works:You must manually define the parameters of a glass pane. Those are to be found on the specifications provided by your glass manufacturer. The module will then calculate the sound absorption of the entire window construction.This feature is based on the calculation and research method as defined by the norm PN-EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010 Schedule B. The module takes into consideration the changing total area of each designed window. Depending on the exact size of a user's construction, the sound absorption coefficient value is corrected accordingly. What's more, the value can be previewed at the design stage thus making it possible to achieve a desired standard.The calculated Rw value can be exported to a Declaration of Performance document as well as placed directly on a finished product label.sound absorpted by PVC profile