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Production Monitoring Module in Stolcad Professional

Supervising production without the need to visit the production hall

Economical and ecological paperless production

Full control over the execution of orders

Stolcad® Professional allows you to efficiently manage your production without having to visit the production hall. Managers remotely and in real-time receive information about the progress of work. Constant monitoring of particular stages contributes to significant improvement of productivity.Stolcad® Professional is an effective tool for supervising production employees. By placing barcodes on employees' identifiers, it is possible to assign groups of elements with a specific production status to a scanning person. With this solution, a production supervisor can check the current stage of each order at any time. This facilitates immediate responses if any irregularities are detected.Real-time window production monitoringUse:Information from every scan of a barcode in the production hall is automatically sent to Stolcad® Professional.Example of application of Production Monitoring ModuleIt contains such data as the current location of a specific element from an order, the exact date of completion of the order and the name of the employee from a specific stand. Thus, a production manager gains full control over the execution of an order and is able to quickly identify the source of potential downtimes.