Soundproofing windows – a novelty in Stolcad® Professional

Stolcad® Professional equipped with the possibility of automatic calculation of the sound absorption of the designed windows will allow you to gain competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding market. Nowadays, sound absorption is a very appreciated property of a window. It is expressed by "Rw" or "RA2" coefficients and indicates the level of sound insulation of rooms from unwanted sounds. This feature will allow you to produce windows which will meet the needs of your customers providing them with the effective insulation against noise.

The Declaration Of Performance Module is now available!

In response to the interest from our customers we would like to inform you that we have just launched a module that allows you to print the declaration directly from the program. This new feature is compatible with the Stolcad® version 12.4 and Stolcad® Professional programs. After adding the module, the program will automatically generate the structure needed to design each document and uses the harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products from the European Parliament and Commission regulation (EU) no. 305/2011. Every finished product intended for sale after July 1, 2013 must have a Declaration of Performance that is provided by the producer to the end-user in paper or electronic form. Additionally, it replaces the Declaration of Conformity which was previously used. Key features of the module:
  • the automatic preparation and printing of the Declaration of Performance for all designs created in Stolcad® 12.4 or Stolcad® Professional,
  • the ability to use a template for the declaration is available in the Stolcad® program and can be adjusted according to your individual needs by easily editing the document,
  • the use of intelligent components that are responsible for collecting the relevant information for each orders declaration.
For more information please call: +48 56 642 66 33. Our Customer Service Department is ready to answer any questions about the newly offered module.

Wieliczka’s children hospitals were equipped with new windows!

We are pleased to inform you that the windows produced at this year’s “The Real Time Window Factory” were successfully installed in two children’s hospitals in Wieliczka. The Director of the Caritas Archdiocese of Kraków, Mr. Bogdan Kordula, has informed us that the windows were used in facilities that supported the day to day care of children’s health, which has its headquarters at ul. Sikorskiego 6. Additionally, over the next few months new windows will be installed in a foster home in the city of Nowa Wieś. We are pleased to have taken an active role in the WinDoor-tech fair 2013, and appreciate the cooperation with the other participating companies to support the charity “Lets open the window to the world for children” (pol. Otwórzmy Dzieciom Okno na Świat). The creation of something for others was combined with the presentation of the innovation of paperless production, which is a feature of our newest program, Stolcad® Professional. We are especially pleased with the high quality windows which were the result of the process and will be used to benefit the youngest dependents of the Malopolska Caritas by providing them with greater comfort and safety. Below are photos of the buildings where the new windows were installed. zdjęcie 1zdjęcie 2zdjęcie 3

Production ready? Time for TRANSPORTATION!

Does the preparation of transport at the production stage improve your work? Without a doubt! Even now, with our new Transportation Module you lern how much easier it can be! The Transportation Module was created for those manufacturers who appreciate not only the precise design and the most efficient production of windows and doors but also proper preparation of the transport of goods to the recipients. Its built-in features allow for preparation, management and accurate documentation of the transported production packages. The module operates independently of whether the products are prepared on an ongoing basis or are produced in advance and stored in a warehouse! Glass orders, CI documents, shipment status, the list of drivers and vehicles, time-accurate transports prepared? All of these things can be found in our Transportation Module available in just a few clicks of the mouse! Despite the large number of options that we offer along in our new module, you can easily experience that it was never so easy to use! Order our product right now and be prepared for the transport of profits to your company!

Stolcad® Professional will launch at Budma 2013!

On the 29th of January, we will present our newest software product – Stolcad® Professional. The presentation will take place during Budma 2013 as part of the project "The Real Time Window Factory". Fabryka Okien Na Żywo During the "The Real Time Window Factory" you will be able to see Stolcad® Professional in action and discover its versatility. Stolcad® Professional is a revolutionary tool for manufacturers of windows and doors. It includes modern logistics solutions and innovative methods for designing constructions. Stolcad® Professional’s features:
  • the possibility to design any shape;
  • compatibility with all available machines for joinery production;
  • comprehensive logistics;
  • coordination of sales agents;
  • production line automation;
  • exporting data to external ERP programs;
  • calculating the window’s weight.
We would like to invite you to visit WinDoor-Tech Budma 2013.
You can find us at stand number 16 in 5A hall.