Production warehouse in Stolcad® Professional

Production warehouse Stolcad® Professional offers a whole range of features facilitating effective administration of a warehouse and comprehensive production management. Production warehouse is a modern tool for companies that would like to easily manage and control stock. It allows for, among others:
  • keeping records of stock,
  • controlling current use of materials,
  • generating reports.
The software facilitates management of any number of production warehouses defined by the user. One can monitor warehouse stock levels, order missing raw material and submit requisitions for specific elements. Additionally, the user can flexibly assign production halls and direct goods only to the selected hall. Finally, all necessary paperwork is made easier as the user can issue documents for orders or summaries. To summarize, this production warehouse software allows you to manage orders for raw materials and the necessary components as well as book the raw materials

Training offer from Sadowski Software

Individual training
  • How to design a casement window or an "ox eye" window?
  • How to make weight calculations depend on the type of wood used?
  • How to configure the Production Monitoring Module?
  • How to set a variable rabbet?
Would you like to know the answers to these questions? Feel free to take part in a customized training course. We will tailor the program and the schedule of the course to your individual needs. For courses carried out our headquarters, we offer a conference room quipped comprehensively with multimedia equipment. After completion of the training, each participant may obtain a certificate confirming the acquisition of new skills. For further information, please contact us: tel. +48 56 642 66 33    e-mail: stolcad@stolcad.pl

Modern software solutions for points of sale

Stolcad® Professional and trade programs designed for points of sale together constitute a perfect ecosystem for work. As a result, window manufacturers have a fully functional system at their disposal with Stolcad® Professional in centre. This gives full control over what data are sent to Dealer and Stolcad® Mobile programs, including the kind of technology and the method of quotation. Remote management of the trade programs is not only a flexible solution but it also facilitates communication. A computerized network of sales is a key factor in proper development for each company from both the quantitative and qualitative perspectives. Points of sale equipped with Stolcad® Mobile apps or Dealer programs will help you organize work optimally. The software will ease the communication between your trade partners, regardless of the geographical distance between them. A smooth flow of information between Stolcad® Professional and the trade programs allow both the manufacturer and the dealer to work effectively at all stages of the processing of the transaction. Programy handlowe

Stolcad® Rollers program and the Integrated Roller Blinds Module

Stolcad® brand is related not only to windows and doors. Gradually we are extending our scope by including related industries. The software dedicated for producers of roller blinds is new in our product range. Stolcad® Rollers is a professional, independent program that gives you a wide range of design possibilities. A user-friendly interface makes the software extremely easy and pleasant to work with. The intuitive placement of the active checkboxes allows the users to quickly define the preferred parameters. After the completion of the design, the software automatically opens a preview of all created orders, which can be freely managed. The software allows you to print offers and manufacturing documentation and has many other useful options. All of this together makes Stolcad® Rollers is a powerful program with a great potential. Please note that for users of Stolcad® Professional we have now made an additional module available, which enables the designing of the integrated roller blinds on the previously created window projects. Stolcad Rolety screen

Sw solar factor

This new additional module to Stolcad® Professional allows you to calculate the value of Sw solar factor of the designed windows. The solar factor is an indicator of the gain of the transferred solar heat into the room through the window. The following is the information necessary for conducting the calculations:
  • Parameters of the thermal insulation of the glass
    The greater the amount of solar heat is passed, the higher the value of Sw factor;
  • Value of the heat transfer coefficient factor (Uw-value)
    The higher the heat transfer coefficient value, the lower the value of Sw factor;
  • The color of the profiles used in the window
    The darker the profiles, the more quickly they heat up under the influence of solar radiation and the greater amount of heat they transfer.
A high value of Sw factor qualifies the building for a passive heating solution. The module is useful primarily for window manufacturers who export their products or who have their retail outlets throughout the European Union.