Budma 2015

Dear visitors, In just a month time − 10-13 March 2015 − you can meet us during Budma international fair in Poznań. At booth 4 located in pavilion 6 we will show the visitors both our proven solutions and our latest products: Stolcad® Mobile app, Stolcad® Rollers and Internal Doors Module. During the fair once again we will carry out "The Real Time Window Factory" project. As a strategic partner of the project, we would like you to find out more about this charity idea. The motto of this year's edition is "Pass the warmth". The money obtained from the sale of one hundred energy-efficient windows manufactured during the fair will be transferred to large families and to elderly people, who cannot afford heating fuel for the winter. Part of the amount raised will also contribute to the repair budget of the Leszno children's home. We cordially invite you to take part not only in the charity project but also to visit our stand. For more information, click here.

Summary of the year 2014

The beginning of a new year is always a great opportunity to summarize the current achievements. What interesting things have happened in Sadowski Software company over the last twelve months? First of all, 2014 was marked by the new software developed specifically for users of mobile devices. Of course, we are talking about Stolcad® Mobile which was first presented during Fensterbau Frontale fair in Nuremberg 2014. Further software solutions that widen our range of the offered products are: Stolcad® Rollers program, which was designed for companies speciallizing in the production of roller blinds, and the Internal Doors Module that enables to design, make offers and control CNC machines. Stolcad® Mobile is a modern app dedicated to users of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. With the use of the application it is possible to design, make offers and make quotations for windows from any place in the world. Stolcad® Rollers is a program that meets the expectations of the entrepreneurs who offer not only windows, but also roller blinds. The Internal Doors Module module is the perfect complement to Stolcad® Professional, especially for door manufacturers. After implementing the module, the user can not only design and make offers but also control CNC machines, which are necessary for the production of internal doors. All our new products will be presented at Budma fair in early March.

Stolcad® Mobile – novelty from Sadowski Software

The dynamic growth in the popularity of mobile devices and related services resulted in the appearance of new opportunities for computerization of manufacturing plants. Therefore, Sadowski Software company has created a new app – Stolcad® Mobile – designed for Android devices. The app was first presented to our customers in Fensterbau Frontale 2014 exhibition in Nuremberg and was accepted with a great enthusiasm. The app was designed with a goal to improve the cooperation between a manufacturer and his sales representatives. Stolcad® Mobile is a fast and reliable tool for efficient pricing of constructions directly on a building site, in the office or at customer's premises. The basic features of the application include: intuitive construction design that exactly matches the pricing of Stolcad® Professional. The orders prepared by Stolcad® Mobile can be immediately forwarded to the automated production line, which will greatly accelerate the production preparation process. Stolcad® Mobile is also an innovative tool designed to improve communication at all stages of the implementation of a contract, that displays: date of windows receipt, current production statuses and information about technological accuracy and compliance with standards of the designed structures. Stolcad® Mobile has been on sale since May, 2014. If you are interested in buying or would like to learn moreabout the product details, please contact our Customer Service by phone +48 56 642 66 33 or e-mail: stolcad@stolcad.pl.

Soundproofing windows – a novelty in Stolcad® Professional

Stolcad® Professional equipped with the possibility of automatic calculation of the sound absorption of the designed windows will allow you to gain competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding market. Nowadays, sound absorption is a very appreciated property of a window. It is expressed by "Rw" or "RA2" coefficients and indicates the level of sound insulation of rooms from unwanted sounds. This feature will allow you to produce windows which will meet the needs of your customers providing them with the effective insulation against noise.

Модуль "Декларация характеристик качества" уже в продаже!

В ответ на огромную заинтересованность с Вашей стороны, мы рады сообщить, что в продаже появился модуль, позволяющий печать Декларации характеристик качества непосредственно из программного обеспечения. Новая функция совместима с системами Stolcad® в версии 12.4 и Stolcad® Professional. Интеграция модуля с программным обеспечением позволяет для каждой разработанной конструкции автоматически формировать документ, образец которого согласован отраслью строительных столярных изделий, на основании Регламента Европейского Парламента и Совета (ЕС) № 305/2011. Согласно этому Регламенту каждое готовое изделие, предназначенное для продажи после 1 июля 2013 года, должно иметь индивидуальную Декларацию характеристик качества, предоставляемую производителем конечным потребителям в бумажном или электронном виде. Она заменяет действующую до сих пор Декларацию Соответствия. Основные характеристики модуля:
  • автоматическая подготовка и печать Декларации характеристик качества для всех конструкций, разработанных в системах Stolcad® 12.4 и Stolcad® Professional,
  • возможность использования шаблона декларации, доступного в программном обеспечении Stolcad® или его адаптация в соответствии с индивидуальными потребностями посредством интуитивного редактирования документа,
  • применение интеллектуальных компонентов, которые отвечают за загрузку данных в декларацию непосредственно из каждого заказа.
Дополнительную информацию Вы можете получить по телефону: +48 56 642 66 33. Наши консультанты с удовольствием ответят на все вопросы, касающиеся предлагаемого модуля.