Budma 2013

Logo FONŻThis year Sadowski Software was an exhibitor at the WinDoor-tech fair. We partnered with other companies as part of the "The Real Time Window Factory" by delivering our newest software product, Stolcad® Professional.Project partners included:PartnersCertificateIn order to work together, each partner provided their own products and commitment. The project's goal was to support the charitable effort: "Let's open the window on the world for children". The charitable effort was fruitful when combined with demonstrating the innovative solutions available to industry. Using the innovative solutions it took only one week before an automated window production line was launched.Stolcad® Professional, an end-to-end window production software solution, enabled the design, production and logistics for the automated production line. Furthermore, the production was paperless. This was possible because all data was read from the barcodes and displayed on the screens of the workstations. During the event, three production cycles a day were realized. The cycles were estimated and planned based on the processing and transportation capacities.The project was a success. As a result, 76 windows were produced and donated through Caritas of the Archdiocese of Kraków and The Foundation for Children in the name of Stanisława Bieńczak.Production was flawless and the produced windows were certified as high quality by Mobilne Laboratorium.With the premiere of Stolcad® Professional, the product attracted the interest of thousands of guests who observed how it enables paperless production and administration. The success of the "The Real Time Window Factory" project showcased the reliability of our new software.We would like to especially thank all the partners and guests who helped make "The Real Time Window Factory" a success.All the best,
Sadowski Software Team

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