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Translation of the reference letter

ООО “АС-ДОМ” certifies that Sadowski Software company, with its office in Grudziądz, has been collaborating with our company since 2006.
Through this collaboration, we have implemented programming innovations for PVC machinery, which have significantly influenced the management of our production processes. As a result, we have achieved high standards and quality parameters for our manufactured products. Moreover, the employees of Sadowski Software continuously improve the software and ensure that all updates and changes to the specialized software are loaded on time.
Sadowski Software has proven itself to be an honest, accessible, and punctual company. They carry out all assignments very diligently and consistently in their actions. We can count on immediate assistance at any moment.
All these characteristics confirm that the cooperation with Sadowski Software is very effective and necessary for any company that needs assistance in the field of specialized programming.
Best regards