"Poland" window – an impressive design of FAKRO company

This year's edition of WinDoor-tech fair has shown a number of interesting visualizations. One of them could be admired at the stand of FAKRO company. The "Poland" window was a project that caught the attention of hundreds of visitors. The wood aluminum construction stood out from the other works through the use of non-standard cut-outs and custom connection of profiles. In effect, the window perfectly presented a map shape of our country. We are proud of the final results because this unique window was designed with the use of Stolcad® Professional software.
Okno Polska na stoisku targowym FAKRO
The process of making the construction began with the preparation of a design using the tools available in Stolcad® Professional. Next, the software automatically checked the technological correctness, as well as calculated the needed amount of mortise tenon and counterprofile connections. Stolcad® Professional verified the angles of the assemblies of all the elements of the construction and calculated the number of squared timbers needed to prepare the "blank". All information has been listed on production print outs, taking into account the DXF file required to prepare the aluminum cover on the window.
At the end, the software comprehensively prepared the processing of CNC operations for each element individually.

The "Poland" window manufactured by FAKRO company is an example of a modern perspective on the architecture of windows. The project also proved that Stolcad® Professional allows you to create trendy constructions even in the most fancy shapes.
"Poland" window - print-out from Stolcad Professional
"Poland" window - final construction