Modul "Transport"

Transportation module in Stolcad Professional

Reducing transportation and storage costs

Real-time monitoring of the correctness of your shipment

Better customer care thanks to shorter delivery times

Stolcad® Professional helps you manage your logistics smoother and plan your production taking into account the available vehicles.The software allows you to organize your production with the use of one of two methods. The first method adjusts the production to the transporting capacity on a given day. The second method helps you fit the maximum capacity of vehicles using the ready windows.
  • Method 1: Planning shipments prior to commencement of production
    The user can select orders which should be produced and delivered to customers within the agreed time schedule. In the method, the preparation of the transportation list is conducted before the production begins and the manufacturing process is scheduled including the available vehicles. The module helps to minimize the amount of finished products stored in the warehouse.
  • Method 2: Preparing shipments from the produced windows
    The second method allows you to prepare transportation lists from the already produced windows, stored in the warehouse. The orders containing finished products are added to the virtual, collective transport which should be split into smaller batches – real vehicles. Separate columns indicate which goods are still awaiting allocation.
Stolcad® Professional helps you reduce transportation and storage costs. The tool monitors truckload and allows you to set limits on the maximum weight of transportation units. Thanks to the solution, you can optimally manage the available vehicle capacity.Stolcad® Professional additionally shortens the time required for completion of a shipment. Your brand image is enhanced as the customer care is better.Example of transport organization
Truck loading is monitored by automated by bar code scanning so the release of all the items from the warehouse to the agreed vehicle can be checked at any time. With the Transportation Module all your finished constructions will reach their right target recipients. Your order can be compiled in a shorter time, as all items on an order form are displayed neatly. At all times you can check whether all products have been taken from the warehouse and placed in the appropriate vehicle.Both solutions are complemented by the assembling feature, which lets you supplement a consignment with any additional elements necessary for the assembly of constructions on the customer's premises.