Modul "Centralizare Productie"

Production viewing module in Stolcad Professional

Implementing ecological and economical paperless production

Component lists are automatically customized to specific workplaces

Visual indication of non-standard components

Office and production hall - real-time communication

Optimum use of workforce capacities

Stolcad® Professional helps you to increase the productivity of your workforce at each stage of production. Using Stolcad® Professional you will reduce costs, assuring high quality of products.The system analyzes data from barcodes and displays the needed information on the terminals, personalized to each workplace. The software records data about the progress and the status of each order alongside with the name of the employee currently working on the specific element. With Stolcad® Professional the work is more efficient and the manufacturing process is paperless as the printouts are limited to the necessary minimum.Equipping your production floor with electronic terminals lets machine operators have quick access to their individualized component lists. The software displays a graphic preview of the finished construction. Such a preview immediately warns about the necessity of using any non-standard elements. With this solution, work in production is smoother and more effective.The module additionally facilitates communication between employees in the office and the factory hall. Therefore besides presenting standard and non-standard components, the program can also display all important remarks production managers may have.Application:The information that is displayed is customized to every workplace and depends on where a barcode was scanned. The example below illustrates how data from one single barcode can differ in two different workplaces.Please take note that the items can be colour-coded. With this feature, any rare or non-standard elements are clearly marked and visible for a worker.Visualisation of production viewing module