Modul "Planificarea Productiei"

Production planning module in Stolcad Professional

Effective use of your production capacity

Even and optimum distribution of work across production lines

Automatic assignment of orders to production lines

Increased cost-efficiency

Effective management of a company requires advance scheduling of production. Stolcad® Professional optimizes your manufacturing capacities in order to maximize the efficiency of every production line and improve timeliness of your orders.Proper scheduling of production lets you minimize costs. Stolcad® Professional ensures effective production planning taking into consideration each independent production line. The work on your orders is now evenly distributed across the available production lines, which improves cost-effectivess and ensures on-time delivery.Example of effective production planning in Stolcad ProfessionalStolcad® Professional makes the best of your production capacities and minimizes stock levels. You can set a parameter limiting the number of products within a single consignment and eliminate any excess units on the production line.