Modul "Planificare"

Planner module in Stolcad Professional

Individual schedules for each production hall or production line

Convenient planning of work for all work shifts

Increasing the efficiency of production

Displays estimated production commencemt and competion times

Satisfaction of customers by shortening the delivery time

Stolcad® Professional helps you to implement delivery-focused production planning, which is concentrated on maximal shortening of the order completion time. As a result, you gain not only the comfort of well-coordinated work but also − more importantly − satisfied customers.Planner Module is a tool that helps to optimize the process of delivering windows to customers. For this purpose, the software checks the current load capacity of the machines and the waiting time for all necessary elements. It also takes into account the factors that extend production time, e.g. planned vacations of employees, national holidays, long weekends, etc. On the basis of the above-mentioned factors, the software determines a possible date of commencement and completion of production. Stolcad® Professional offers planning in all shift work systems and setting an independent schedule for every production line.For urgent orders, Stolcad® Professional allows for flexible setting priorities. Moreover, a user can, if necessary, quickly replan the whole production. In addition, the calculated dates of completion can also be transferred to the trade programs so that the sale reps can decide (before starting production) whether to split large orders into smaller batches. Therefore, the final recipients can first obtain standard constructions, which can be produced from the raw materials available in the production warehouse. On the other hand, the atypical windows, whose production requires special elements, will be delivered to the customer at a later time.Calendar page from planner module