Dealer Manager: Software for independent salers of windows and doors

Dealer Manager - program for sellers of windows and doors

Dealer Manager is the software that supports an effective salesperson

Are you looking for software that will let you:
  • Sell your products independently?
  • Set your prices independently?
  • Create visually attractive offers?
  • Add your own items to a technological database?

If the answer is "YES", we have an off-the shelf solution!
Dealer Manager - visualization of Designing

Independence as the basis of long-term success

Dealer Manager lets a salesperson autonomously decide as to which manufacturer(s) he/she collaborates with. It grants independence and the ability to reach a larger number of customers.
Cooperation with various joinery manufacturers

Open to customer's needs

Your offers become visually attractive. Your company can differentiate and emphasize its identity. You reach prospective customers more effectively.
Window and door offer

An effective pricing strategy, rather than a price war

The functionality of Dealer Manager lets you plan your own pricing strategy and increases your competitiveness as a sales person. You can adjust your prices to current demand on the market..
Effective pricing strategy
Independent choice of your business partners, your own pricing strategy and visually attractive offers - all these features make Dealer Manager the software that will let you distinguish among your competitors. Your effectiveness in searching for new customers will be better and your growth will become dynamic.