Project: Arcs and circles

<The presented projects are designed with the use of connectors for easy dimensioning of multiple constructions within a single project.

Entrance doors with sidelights and windowsPosition 1: Windows and entrance door with a fanlightThe predefined arc shape construction is selected as a basis for the first set of windows within the order. The user is expected to simply choose the shape and enter the radius of the arc. Then, the construction is divided into quarters with the use of straight bars. As a result the user can obtain several windows of different sizes.
More than a half-circle window constructionPosition 2: "More than a semicircle"The construction is built of six independent windows, all evenly dimensioned and curved, providing a uniform oval shape.
Rectangular window bandPosition 3: Rectangular windowsThree rectangular two-sash constructions are possible to be presented as one item in an offer for a customer. Obviously, an alternative option is to save three separate windows within one order.
Two arched windowsPosition 4: Two arched windowsSimilarly as in the 3rd position, identical windows are designed in one project with the use of connectors. This feature allows for designing easier - the constructions are symmetric. There is no necessity of checking the dimensions or spaces between the muntin bars in the other order position.
P-shaped constructionsPosition 5: "The letter P"The design contains two windows: one rectangular and one in the shape of a semi-circle. They are placed close to each other so that they resemble the shape of the letter "P". Both constructions can be designed as one project, which additionally facilitates dimensioning, e.g. calculating appropriate heights of the bars.
Two windows with a transomPosition 6: Two windows with a fanlightBased on the predefined shape of the arched window, two independent rectangular windows were designed together with a fanlight above them.
Reverse arched windowPosition 7: "Inverse arch" windowThe lower edge of the two-row construction is curved making the window "inversely arched". In the course of the design, the feature of moving a coordinate system was used, which allowed for easy calculation of dimensions.
Multi-sash constructionPosition 8: Multi-sash constructionThe construction is based on a rectangle which is later modified by adding additional quarters. The interesting elements of the project are the two panels inserted along the structural bars.
Spool-shaped constructionPosition 9: "Spool"The presented design has unusual aligning of windows. The effect was achieved with the use of a predefined circle shape with respect to which further elements of the design were later introduced.
Less than a full circle window constructionPosition 10: "Less than ¾ of a circle"The name of the construction is self-explanatory. The project of two quarters with fixed glazing was created on the basis of a predefined shape of a circle. The dimensions of each of the quarters were determined by the axis of a post. After inserting a frame and fillings, the design was supplemented with meshes of muntin bars of a predetermined colour and width.
Position 1Real visualisation of constructions
Position 2Real visualisation of rectangular windows
Position 3Real visualization of a semi-circular window