Implementation of the driver to the MULTIFAB 3000 PVC machining centre at DELTA company – Case Study


About DELTA company

The PPHU DELTA company from Augustów, Poland was founded in 1991. It is a manufacturer of the highest quality PVC windows and doors. PVC joinery is produced on several modern production lines with a daily production capacity of several hundred windows and doors. The PPHU DELTA company produces not only for the Polish market but also exports to the demanding German market and to other European Union countries.

About the project

The project described below presents the implementation of a key driver to the MULTIFAB 3000 PVC machining centre at PPHU DELTA in 2019. In the same year, we implemented the paperless production, Stolcad® production warehouse and drivers for other machines i.e. the saw and the welding machine. We also outline the background of our cooperation lasting over 20 years.

New – old Stolcad® program

The PPHU DELTA has known Stolcad® program since its historical 9.0 version. The company has been gradually upgrading the program, working with novel features, and developing with us. Along with the expansion of the machine park, we installed the latest version of Stolcad® Professional. The project was extensive and also included the implementation of the Stolcad® production warehouse for effective warehouse management, as well as modules of the program for improving the process of making offers.
An important element was the launch of a remote production management tool so that the manager supervising the production can track the current stage of each order at any time, and immediately respond in the case of detecting any deficiencies. For this purpose, the particular workstations have been equipped with terminals with a dedicated Stolcad® application displaying the information about the elements that should be fitted in the production process at this workstation.

Description of the driver to the PVC machining centre

According to the assumption, the driver to MULTIFAB 3000 was purposed to work with numerous Profine technologies. It was planned to use the full spectrum of the capabilities of the machine and to handle, by the driver, a large number of different operations performed by the centre. Those were, among others, the following operations: internal drainage (frame/sash) + holes for the handle,
drainage in the bar, drilling holes for mounting reinforcements, milling holes for the mechanical connectors of bars, screwing the reinforcing profile, internal drainage (frame/sash), holes for the handle in the reinforcement, marking hinges in the frame + openings for the handle, milling of the groove for the fitting lock in the door sash + lock in the door sash.

How did the implementation go?

The most important stage of the process of implementation of the driver to the machine was to check the machine operations introduced in the program against the actual status of the operations coded on the machine. Data on the position of catches, handles, hinges and other hardware components were verified. During the implementation, the necessary additions and corrections were being introduced on an ongoing basis. After that an asymmetric test window was made and its accuracy was measured.
The design of the production label was also fine-tuned, as well as the need to put a second barcode due to the specific type of the saw used. Due to the complexity of the entire project, it was divided into efficiently implemented, successive stages. It is worth stressing that Stolcad® Professional, the driver and the modules were fully implemented in just about four months.


The driver was efficiently made in accordance with the preliminary assumptions. All machining procedures with the assigned tool numbers from the machine were coded in Stolcad® Professional. The program itself also was expanded to include the additional modules facilitating trade and production.
"I have been working with the company of Mr. Andrzej Sadowski for 22 years. It is a reliable and trustworthy company. I recommend it."
Andrzej Siedlecki
The owner of PPHU Delta

What's next in 2022?

The PPHU DELTA company is developing constantly and dynamically. Currently, i.e. in July 2022, we are introducing a new GEALAN S8000 technology to the driver for MULTIFAB 3000 PVC machining centre. The launch of the new project is planned within one month from its commencement.