Modul "Rulouri si Jaluzele"

Outdoor roller blinds in Stolcad

Attractively presenting roller blinds on offers

Comprehensive control of machines for the production of roller blinds

Possibility of adding mosquito nets to the selected quarters in the design of roller blind

Dividing roller blinds and windows into the separate production lines

Creating complete technical documentation for roller blinds

The roller blinds are appreciated thanks to a large number of useful features, i.e. they protect from noise, excessive sunlight and constitute an anti-burglary barrier. Stolcad® Professional allows to design, make quotations and produce external roller blinds − both stand-alone constructions and ones integrated with windows.Designing and producing roller blindsStolcad® Professional with a convenient configuration panel makes it easy to design roller blinds and edit their elements. The handy colour selection screen is updated dynamically with each selected parameter so that a user can track the progress in the design. After checking the technological possibilities the software allows for placing mosquito nets in selected quarters. Selection of specific elements is automatic (e.g. quantity and thickness of the lamella, sizing the box) which additionally accelerates the design process. Moreover, thanks to the schema feature (which offers the possibility to reuse designs) users save time if they need to create orders containing similar roller blind constructions.Stolcad® Professional can manage designs of roller blinds to the production thanks to its preloaded driver. The available features also allow for printing full technical documentation such as list of cuts etc.External roller blindsStolcad® Professional allows for designing external roller blinds as stand-alone constructions. It is possible to design any type of roller blinds and adjust it to an existing window.Integrated roller blindsIntegrated roller blind constructions are presented on offers as a whole, with the possibility of automatically dividing roller blinds and windows into separate production lines or halls. This facilities processes of sales and production.

The presented IT solutions for designing, pricing and producing of roller blinds include External Roller Blinds Module and Integrated Roller Blinds Module. The functionality of the modules are complementary, therefore the best result is obtained if Stolcad® Professional is enriched with both modules.