Wieliczki’s children hospitals were equipped with new windows!

We are pleased to inform you that the windows produced at this year’s “The Real Time Window Factory” were successfully installed in two children’s hospitals in Wieliczka. The Director of the Caritas Archdiocese of Kraków, Mr. Bogdan Kordula, has informed us that the windows were used in facilities that supported the day to day care of children’s health, which has its headquarters at ul. Sikorskiego 6. Additionally, over the next few months new windows will be installed in a foster home in the city of Nowa Wieś. We are pleased to have taken an active role in the WinDoor-tech fair 2013, and appreciate the cooperation with the other participating companies to support the charity “Lets open the window to the world for children” (pol. Otwórzmy Dzieciom Okno na Świat). The creation of something for others was combined with the presentation of the innovation of paperless production, which is a feature of our newest program, Stolcad® Professional. We are especially pleased with the high quality windows which were the result of the process and will be used to benefit the youngest dependents of the Malopolska Caritas by providing them with greater comfort and safety. Below are photos of the buildings where the new windows were installed. zdjęcie 1zdjęcie 2zdjęcie 3

Stolcad® Professional will launch at Budma 2013!

On the 29th of January, we will present our newest software product – Stolcad® Professional. The presentation will take place during Budma 2013 as part of the project "The Real Time Window Factory". Fabryka Okien Na Żywo During the "The Real Time Window Factory" you will be able to see Stolcad® Professional in action and discover its versatility. Stolcad® Professional is a revolutionary tool for manufacturers of windows and doors. It includes modern logistics solutions and innovative methods for designing constructions. Stolcad® Professional's features:
  • the possibility to design any shape;
  • compatibility with all available machines for joinery production;
  • comprehensive logistics;
  • coordination of sales agents;
  • production line automation;
  • exporting data to external ERP programs;
  • calculating the window's weight.
We would like to invite you to visit WinDoor-Tech Budma 2013.
You can find us at stand number 16 in 5A hall.

We would like to invite you to Budma 2013

This year, we are the software supplier of "The Real Time Window Factory" project at Budma. You can find us in hall 5A at stand number 16. "The Real Time Window Factory" is a project where you can see the production of windows. The project uses modern machinery which has been integrated using Stolcad® Professional into a complete solution. The windows made as a result of the project will be donated to charity. This year they will be given to the Caritas Poland foundation. During "The Real Time Window Factory" you will be able to see the production line controlled by our software. Stolcad® Professional configures the machines, production labels and the finished product labels. All production stages are then tracked via bar codes as the windows pass through the each workstation. Each workstation sends information back in real time to the software so the production can be monitored remotely. We would like to invite you to visit WinDoor-Tech Budma 2013.
We are waiting for you at stand number 16 in the 5A hall.

Impressions after the fair in Nurnberg 2012

This year we were also present at the Fensterbau FRONTALE 2012 - the International Trade Fair for Window, Door and Facade Technologies held on 21 - 24 March in Nurnberg. Although Sadowski Software company did not have its own stand, the interest in our program was enormous. We visited many of our domestic and foreign customers, manufacturers of joinery and machines. We held numerous business talks and presented the features of our programs to potential clients with the use of multimedia presentations and mockups specifically prepared for this purpose. At the partnership stands our regular clients asked many expert questions about the modern solutions in Stolcad®. They focused mainly on the latest functionalities of the program - Transportation Module and Energy Passport Module. Representatives of large companies were interested mostly in the possibilities of the Production Administration Module in conjunction with the Transportation Module and the ability to control machines presented at the fair directly from Stolcad®. A high interest, especially among foreign traders, was aroused by our latest program - Dealer Manager. Apart from that, we were asked a great number of questions about a product that is currently being finalized, which is Stolcad® Professional. All of those who could not be present in Nurnberg and are interested in our products, are welcome to contact our Customer Service at +48 56 642 66 33.

The new identification system for the production staff

The Production Administration Module enhanced with a modern system of the staff control. The new system allows for a continuous monitoring of employees at individual workplaces, thus it ensure the efficient use of their time of work. This is possible because of the fact that the identifiers are enriched with bar codes, which guarantees the error-free identification of each employee by the system. What is worth mentioning, is that the Stolcad® employee's database may also be extended by the people involved in the production process. A person who will be moved to another workplace during worktime can relogin to the system instantly, without causing any downtimes in production. He will simply need to put his identifier under the barcode reader and his work at the workplace will be registered on the employee's individual account. This modern system of work has many advantages - both for the employees and the employers. Let us list the main benefits:
  • an employee who changes his workplace works on his own and not a "colleague's account",
  • quick and error-free registering of the completed work,
  • quick search of a worker in the computer system,
  • the possibility of recording of the exact date and time of the completed actions,
  • the possibility of quick filtering of the data,
  • the possibility of using the same identifiers for recording the time of work,
  • time saving.
The implemented solution gives the possibility of controlling the actions, completed by each employee and the analysis of the efficiency of employees. As a result it enables the employer to place each employee at the workplace where he is the most effective.