Glass And Fitting Shelf Sorting Module

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Glass and fitting shelf sorting module in Stolcad

Correct assembly of elements needed in the production process

Well organized production hall

Higher employee productivity due to better organization of the production hall

Use:Glass And Fitting Shelf Sorting Module considerably increases the capacity of production by allocating the same code numbers to the shelves on which the frames or sashes are stored to fitting and glazing beads.How it works:Stolcad® program numbers each piece of cut profile during the optimalization process. In Stolcad® several numbering methods are embedded and can be used depending on the existing organization structure of production. After cutting the profiles, they are manually placed on shelves in accordance with the number assigned and printed on a label. Glass, fittings and glazing beads are stored under the same number. This method allows you to quickly assemble windows.How to use it:
Sash profiles are placed on shelf No. 5. For this sash, other elements are placed as follows:
  • glazing beads – bay shelf for glazing beads - No. 5,
  • set of fittings – bay compartment for fittings - No. 5,
  • glass – bay shelf for glass - No. 5.
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